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Can a Person Stop Doing Drugs without Drug Addiction Rehab?

However, barriers to treatment exist that make people who could benefit from rehab avoid professional help. The National Institute on drug abuse (NIDA) explains that substance abuse is a complex mental disorder. Addiction is a brain disease that https://manprogress.com/en/methods/personal-resources.html?view=pc causes profound changes to the brain structure. The changes make it extremely hard for a person with drug dependence to quit drugs without rehab. Research indicates that most people with drug dependence also have mental health problems.

  • It is good to find out which coverage of treatment you have with your insurance before beginning treatment.
  • A co-occurring mental health problem also makes someone vulnerable to addictive drug use.
  • Quitting without professional help is made even more difficult by the withdrawal symptoms that occur after stopping use.
  • SUD exists on a spectrum and may be mild, moderate or severe.

It’s important to stand firm in your new self-awareness and stay on track with your plan for treatment. The helpline at RehabAdviser.com is available 24/7 to discuss the treatment needs of yourself or a loved one. This helpline is answered by Ark Behavioral Health, an addiction treatment provider with treatment facilities in Massachusetts and Ohio.

Opioid use disorder in older adults: More common than you might think

It’s crucial to seek help as soon as you develop signs of SUD. Experiencing feelings of fear, worry and anger are understandable and normal for someone on the sidelines trying to support a loved one. As with any other chronic illness, the more informed you are the better you will be able to support them.

What does God say about addiction?

1 Corinthians 10:13

This verse has to do with temptations, which can certainly include addiction. The key point that addicts and loved ones of addicts should take from this verse is the last sentence: “But when you are tempted, He [God] will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.”

The important thing to remember is that relapse doesn’t mean drug treatment failure. Call your sponsor, talk to your therapist, go to a meeting, or schedule an appointment with your doctor. When you’re sober again and out of danger, look at what triggered the relapse, what went wrong, and what you could have done differently. You can choose to get back on the path to recovery and use the experience to strengthen your commitment.


The hardest part to recovery is admitting you have an addiction. Substance use disorders affect the brain causing it to look for excuses and justifications to keep using. Rehab not only gives you the tools for long-lasting sobriety, but it also provides a supportive environment. In addition to conquering addiction, you’ll be able to give and get support within an encouraging community. When you first take a drug, there is no tolerance present. This is why the first high is often described as the “best.” Over time, the body adapts to the chemical changes, which is called tolerance.

After they enter recovery, when it feels appropriate, you can slowly open up more communication with them. Try to understand how substance misuse became a routine part of their life and ask how you can best support them. It’s natural to get frustrated with your http://novostinauki.ru/news/19551/ loved one when you see them doing something that’s harmful to their health. For your own well-being, you may occasionally need to limit your contact if that person is actively using substances or alcohol. Having problems with substance use is a chronic illness.

Online Therapy: Is it Right for You?

Olympia House Rehab provides patients with individualized addiction treatment tailored to their long-term goals and mental health concerns. Brittany has been working in behavioral health since 2012 and is the Assistant Clinical Director at our facility. She is an LCSW and holds a master’s degree in social work. She has great experience with chemical dependency and co-occurring mental health diagnoses as well as various therapeutic techniques.

how to stop drug addiction without rehab

Water is a key component of your body’s natural detoxification system. Toxins are flushed out through your urine, and hydration keeps your body functioning at an optimal level. For example, methamphetamine is linked to dental problems, while anabolic steroid abuse is linked to high cholesterol levels. This helpline is a free resource at no cost to the caller. We are here to provide assistance in locating an Ark Behavioral Health treatment center that may meet your treatment needs.

Whatever your strongest motivation is, keep a tangible reminder of it. Your personal reason to stay sober can be in the form of a picture, a letter, or a memento that reminds you to keep going. These healthy opportunities to socialize help you to focus less on your internal mental state–which can be toxic when you dwell on them too much. Contact Rehabs UK today for advice on treatments and rehab. They can help you take the first step towards a brighter future.

how to stop drug addiction without rehab

Sober living homes provide a safe, supportive place to live while you’re recovering from drug addiction. They are a good option if you don’t have a stable home or a drug-free living environment. Whether you have a problem with illegal or prescription drugs, addiction treatment should be customized to your unique situation. It’s important that you find a program that feels right. If you’ve attempted to quit drugs before, you’ve made a big step.

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