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What Is Load Testing? Types, Practices, Tools, Challenges & More

For example, if you want to verify the stability of your application according to the current load, you’ll likely want to verify a certain number of transactions per second when replicating peak traffic. Focusing on an enhanced user experience helps build strong customer relationships, which in most cases is the key to a successful business. This post covers the basics of load testing, including its definition, purpose, and how to get started.

Benefits of Load Testing

Launch URL, response time, Log in to the application and take notes on things like selecting a product, adding it to your basket, pay for it, and logging out. However, manual load testing is not recommended because the application is not tested for a lower load. The advantages of load testing is finding the bottlenecks before the launch, understanding the limitation of infrastructure, fixing the problems and reducing the chances of failures.

Mail Server

Make sure your load testing tool has these capabilities or at least integrates well with tools that do. On the enterprise side, the price tag can be a challenge to carefully weigh up. However, given the potential consequences of systems that can’t stand up to peak loads, this is a price many IT leaders are willing to pay. Therefore, when embarking on a load testing journey, make sure that leaders are willing to commit appropriate resources. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of an inadequate load testing program that suffers from a lack of commitment. Moonpig, a greeting card and gift company, has fairly predictable spikes in activity around Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and in the leadup to Christmas.

Benefits of Load Testing

As you get started with your load testing, SmartBear has the tools you need to ensure that your APIs perform flawlessly under various traffic conditions. ReadyAPI is the industry’s leading API load testing tool that is great for beginners, because it’s scriptless and allows for easy reuse of your functional API tests from ReadyAPI. In other words, the load test was simultaneously slowing the system and slowing the load test itself, giving the impression that the user experience was unaffected.

What information is gathered in a load test?

These details precisely identify application performance bottlenecks. Creating a better product and faster development is the core principle of the agile development method. Any continuous integration approach must include load testing with every commit in addition to problem management, code analysis and other lifecycle tasks.

  • I apologize.” Then all the boarding pass information of those grounded passengers had to be re-input by hand.
  • Companies, especially newer companies with limited resources, can run load tests without making a financial commitment.
  • Each user sends a request over the internet, which is then routed through a firewall.
  • Unlike enterprise software, free tools have no dedicated support team to call or email.
  • What’s more, is that it offers continuous improvement in the production environment.
  • When done correctly, load testing allows teams to verify an application’s behavior under both normal and peak load conditions.
  • Enterprise organizations will sometimes develop in-house load testing tools, but it’s a process requiring both time and investment, making it more of a long-term strategy.

Load generators are machines that run your virtual users through your system under test. Load testing allows you to find and fix potential problems before they happen. It also allows you to identify valuable features and create an enjoyable user experience. OTT Testing The user experience and streaming consistency decide your products and services, so reliable delivery of content is fundamental. Codoid guarantees your product and services are ready to take on the world with our top-notch OTT testing.


One such concept is the idea of using reusable components for load testing. These could be common scripts, pre-built models, or snippets of code that help your teams easily assemble load tests. It’s also vital to be able to actually measure the impact on each component and the end user experience of peak load conditions. LoadRunner, which has been around since 1993, and JMeter, which emerged as an open-source alternative, are widely used.

Thankfully, there are many steps we can take in order to avert disaster and keep everything rolling smoothly along. One such area is performance testing, which refers to the broad set of measures taken to determine whether software meets various speed, stability, and scalability requirements. An area of performance testing of particular interest is load testing. When developers perform load testing, it is easier to anticipate and prevent software errors.

Examples of Load Test Cases

We want to write user journeys which accurately recreate expected user behaviours, then run these scenarios on the site with varying numbers of concurrent virtual users. Of course, we always strive to create a situation relevant to typical site conditions – so if your site gets a few thousand visits at peak time, then there’s no need to test with a million virtual users. Load Testing is an important aspect of the software testing process since it guarantees https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ that the software performs to the best of its ability. When load testing is done correctly, it produces high-quality software that adheres to industry requirements. Parasoft Load Test – It allows users to take functional test projects created using SOAtest and utilize them for performance testing. Load Test Continuum , a web-based reporting tool, incorporates performance testing into the CI/CD workflow and automates performance testing.

After-launch failures, on the other hand, can result in tenfold higher costs. We can see how different users interact with the application in the diagram above. Each user sends a request over the internet, which is then routed through a firewall. All of this because your site was not prepared for the large traffic.

Response Times

ServerGuy provides scalable web hosting, and we will increase the resources quickly. But there are elements on the site that are independent of hosting, and webmaster needs to know at what traffic they will break. First of all, you have to look at how your site will look in the real user environment. Some tools include but are not limited to WebLOAD, LoadView, and Loadrunner.

Benefits of Load Testing

Instead, spin up your application and generate the load you expect to see in the future. Some organizations have a rule of not deploying on Fridays because nobody wants to spend Friday night troubleshooting. But it will greatly decrease the likelihood of any deployments resulting in anyone working overtime because load testing would’ve caught most issues already. As performance and reliability https://www.globalcloudteam.com/glossary/load-testing/ increases, users will encounter fewer issues, smoother interactions, and be met with a better overall experience using your product. SLAs play an integral part in the success of your business, and load testing allows you to proactively test service level objectives to ensure you meet SLAs. It checks if the application functions properly within the limits of the expected load.

Load Test Examples

A load testing example would be a tax preparation company evaluating their web application load performance prior to peak income tax filing season and the traffic spikes it causes. Top load testing tools can simulate realistic data entry performance by virtual users, provide CSV files with relevant analytic data and map the data fields to Post or Get request parameters. Load testing plays an essential role in the success of any software development project. To truly capitalize on the capability of load testing automation tools, organizations should develop a partnership with an enterprise-level load testing company such as ZAPTEST.

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